Furry friends in southern Italy

07/13/2009 - 16:25

We live in Basilicata.  Recently, we have noticed that we are sharing our roof space with some furry friends.  They look like squirrels, but have longer tails and white cheeks.  Our son, who is a zooligist, says that squirrels are not really native to southern Italy and that they are more likely to be Polecats, Pine Martens or Ferrets.  They are nocturnal and seem to be causing no problems for us so far.  Does anybody else have any experience of anything similar?


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We have just looked at images of weasels and their tails are very straight.  Our tails are bushy, like a squirrel's, but they are stretched out straight behind them, rather than curling up like a squirrel's tail.

I think that you will find your furry friends are fat dormice - we have a family or two in our roof. They often play a pretty good game of football around 5am. As you say they are nocturnal and hibernate from October to April. You can often hear them in the tree canopy at night as they are very vocal for their size. You will get loads of information if you google including photos. You do well to see them as they are very timid  

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Where you going tomorrow alan h?  Lucky you.  Have a good trip.