Update on gorgeous Alfie!

carolina Image
07/12/2009 - 08:05

This is an update of the message I posted (which you can read below) about Alfie. Thankyou to those who responded with helpful addresses. I just wanted to post some photos on here of him as suggested. Will update with any good news. Thankyou so much.Can anyone offer a loving home to a handsome and affectionate male dog?Alfie is chained up at an empty house near us, in Montefortino, visited almost daily by his sick owner. (owner has a progressive wasting disease )   He is a very sweet natured, friendly dog, about 5 or 6.  He is fed a very poor diet of scraps, and always very hungry.In snowy winter days, his owner cannot get to him, so unless someone else can he has nothing, and howls from hunger and loneliness.We have spoken with his owner, and at last he has agreed for us to help in re-homing AlfieIf you can help,please mail me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,chloepenning@yahoo.co.ukand thanks for reading this! 



Carolina, I was just wondering if you had any news about Alfie?  Unfortunately I don't live it Italy, if I did I'd take him in a heartbeat, he's so gorgeous! I really hope you're successful in finding him a new home.