Christenings in Italy

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07/21/2009 - 01:48

Does anybody have any experience/knowledge re organising Christenings in Italy? We had the idea of getting our kids Christened in the local church next year and are planning to approach the priest this summer. My wife will soon be resident (God willing...) and is Catholic (if this makes any difference which I imagine it does!).Antinello



 It is not too complicated to organise. You have to talk to your parish priest who will tell you when the ceremony can take place. Usually it is on a Sunday and is part of the Mass. Some parishes have short courses for parents and godparents to attend, but it all depends on the particular parish. After the ceremony, a family lunch or similar takes place at home or at a restaurant. It is customary to invite the celebrant, although he may decline if he has too many commitments on that day. Guests receive small favours as souvenirs of the ceremony. Some people have religious stamps engraved with the date and place of the Baptism and the names of the children and godparents. Also, small pouches with sugar almonds are distributed amongst the guests.I can tell you that the whole parish will be delighted....

I christened my Daughter in Italy. You hvae to go to your local Priest who ha to write a nulla osta letter to the Italian Priest , that is he authorizes you to get the christening done in another parish and also certifies that you are a godd christian.Then you just get in touch with the Italian Priest and sort the timetable!We had a big lunch with friends and family and distributed pink was lovely! Paola