What are the current costs of new build in Tuscany?

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07/31/2009 - 06:37

Hi, we have just bought a small estate in Tuscany, just outside Pienza. Our Geometra has been in contact with the Commune and established that we can knock the existing house down and re-build another one of approx 300m2. It has to be built to all the legal rules and look like a rural house. We asked the Geometra on costs for this option and were told that costs in the region of 2000 Euros per m2 are likly costs. Having read on this and other forums, a more realistic cost of 1000 - 1500 per m2. Does anyone have any up to date ideas on the costs. The process of obtaining permission for this option, going out to tender only to have costs that are too high is not an option for us. Any guidance that you have would be really appreciated.Also it would be good to know if these costs include things like commune fees, geometra fees and do they include a cost like the kitchen and some sort of cost towards landscaping immediatly around the house.Many thanks 



 i have always gone with the figure of 1500 per sq m for new builds... its realisticyour build will be outside the average plus there are various new rules in Italy which most probably are making my figure of1500 slightly out of date... as new regs on the efficiency of the building as regards insulation and efficiency come more and more into play...outside the avergae because its obviously been allowed as long as its constructed to fit in with local landscape... aside from all that and back to your question you will need to add on unless you have been quoted in a diferent way ...the VAT or IVA... which can run upto 20% unless you are getting discounts... used to be 4 % in some cases but i think and i satnd to be corrected on this a build on your only home here should now be 10% ...all this needs to be sorted with the geometra to make certain...next the geometra fee will be on top usually another ten per cent and one that catches most people out is their profesional body fee...around 3 % so work on 13 % plus VAT/IVA this time at 20 % these quotes in general will not even include light fittings.... let alone the rest you mention...  comune planning costs not included... landscaping ... not included...indeed often requiring bigger work as builders tend to destroy the surrounds... anyway thats the norm...its up to you before going further forward to negotiate whats included and or not within the price per sq m... and the fees...estimates on comune planning costs and a firm geometra fee in writing costs are fixed...posted links before to the building trades regional guide books... cannot remeber the website ...but if you search on my user name on the old forum you will find somewhere a posting re building costs and various links to regional sites... got to go out or i would get back to you with it later...finally add at least a 15% for sure contingency fee... that will be eaten up whatever...and maybe a bit more for any problems...and one last point get it sorted all on paper before hand... agreed and worked out with all of you involved in the project totally commited to the paper plan otherwise changes will cost you dear...get the contracts checked by a solicitor to make sure your covered in all aspects over costs and allowed overuns in time or money

Totally agree with adriatica.We had plans for our build but only later discovered that items on the plans (eg staircases!) weren't included in the builder's quote!  Then you have to buy flooring, light fitments, radiators, kitchen, bathrooms etc etc.  When they're finished the outside will look like the Gobi desert!We agreed a 10% fee with our geometra on the ORIGINAL building quote only - ie we did not pay him 10% of the extras!Our build ultimately came in 50% over budget (but I know 2 people who's build came in at 400% over budget!).So my advice is:a) Check what is, and what isn't, included in the building quote with a fine toothcombb) Try and cap your geomatra's fees andc) Expect to spend a lot more than you anticipate! PS We are thrilled with our house - it was all so worth it  

Sound advice by Adriatica and Gerbillo. What we could describe as "finishes" is the most expensive part of the final costs. Always make allowances for double the money and treble the times. Then you should be safe....

We did a rennovation so slightly different but echoing what people have already said about things not being included in the basic price - make sure you and your geometra / builder are talking about the same specification - we have a 280sqm house on three floors which our geometra would have crammed in at least 8 bedrooms and only one bathroom - we have 5 beds and 5 bathroms plus downstairs loo - even though we got a really good deal on all the plumbing supplies, tiles etc it is much more expensive to do a bathoom than just tile a floor and plaster the walls.  We also had things like "oh did you want that steel support replacing with a wooden one" (what like all the others?) "did you want teh floor at teh top of the stairs remakeing" (what so we don't see the floor downstairs and it doesn't look like a death trap that wouldn't support the weight of a 2 year old let alone a grown man?).  We also did not know about the stairs not being included until it was too late to replace them ("so when are you replacing the stairs?" "oh did you want different ones" "no this cement look is just what I want!") We also had an original preventino which was soooooooooo detaile ddown to the last screw but any subsequent things were a lump sum which we couldn't get any detail on - we ended up therefore not doing somethings becasue they were too expensive when we might have looked at a detailed preventio and taken out a couple of expensive bits or found cheaper ways of doign things. Best of Luck Chris

I was looking through my old posts and thought I would post an update. It is now 6 years since my origional posting. The build is now complete. We are sitting in 450m2 of the most incredible house I have ever seen. It was a long slog through. 2.5 years to get the permissions, 18 months to build plus other time just messing rounds with technicalities. The price.....my heart and soul!! Really, budget on €2000 per m2 for top end quality (stone on the outside, anti-siesmic construction, solar panels, efficient heating system - top end but not overboard) including all fees, IVA and courts costs - yes the builder decided we were not paying enough for our beautiful building that he had created and extracted another €50k out of us - we paid just to end it but that hurt. So...am I glad we did it - absolutly 'yes'....Would I do it again - "NEVER'! If you are reading this thinking you can do it - you can but it is a serious undertaking, the Italians are like shifting sand compared to our American/English mentality and they are all at it. My price is realistic talking all that into consideration but you will go grey!!! Enjoy the experience if you are brave enough and let us know how you get on.