Getting a land line installed

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08/23/2009 - 12:18

Hi,My Wife and I (and Dog) are relocating to Ceranova next month and have already found our new home. It's a semi-detached, 15 years old, very good condition with English neighbours - children and dogs.We have a dilema in that there is no land-line internet connection physically run to the house. Apparently it stops at the lampost very close to the house - the line was installed before the house was built - just our luck!My Wife will need it for work until an office space is allocated at work and this may be a few months down the line.My nextdoor neighbours are using a company called "Eddie" to give them internet. I've tried to find them on the internet but nothing yet.So, what options do we have regarding a fast, secure, 24 / 7 intermet connection? Any help appreciated!Thanks, John, Angela & Doggie



 you can do it with astra 2.... satelite connection download... slower upload... expensive... i think 99 euro per month for fastest plus equipment... keys to plug into compute either via vodaphone or tim... lots of packages and depending where you are varying speeds would have to check out what the best one at the house is... quick to set up...go to mobile shop and buy key and package with your codice fiscale  ..plug in key install software and away you go...there are people far more expert on all the options and if you are into tech type discusions search on mobile internt and there are several threads on this and the older forum...  

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We had a landline with Italia Telecom installed last year and it was a nightmare. Took about 2 months, and 6 missed appointments. Problem seems to be that Contractors fit the line and TI just coonect at the exchange; and being Italy very little communication goes on between the two and each blame the other.We now have Alice ADSL and it works fine although we are 6km away from the exchange the speed is a lot slower.My advice would be to apply for a line from Telecom It. and wait to get a Net conection.After the phone line is reqested the Web Connection and Modem are fitted and done the same day if you Order it with the new line.Be Patient..................................

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2 months Gromit - wow that was fast. We applied and had to wait over 18 months to get our phone line installed and 6 missed appointments (on their part not ours!). We even cut a couple of days in Rome short as they told us they would be arriving in the morning, so we drove back like mad, only to find they phoned an hour after they should have been here to tell us they could not make it for another 4 months! However, since all the initial hassle, we have been amazed. As we are in the middle of no where, we thought we would only get dial up speeds. But once we finally got our posts installed and our line connected, Telecom chap checked the line and we now have 7 mb broadband. We have seen other packaged advertised but so far sticking with Alice for the internet and use Skype Eurpoe package (unlimited calls for £4 per month to anywhere in Europe) for our phone calls.

I think we'll go the way of the USB internet stick via Vodafone. They have complete coverage of our area - as far as I can see on their footprint map!I've already bought a wireless router that can accept a USB internet stick. This will allow us to go wireless inside the house and not have it hooked up to the desktop pc all the time. I have other equipment that requires an internet connection (satellite receiver, Xbox, etc) so this is perfect.If anyone's interested, here's the webpage :-

I see that John has resolved his original query, but just a couple of points on Telecomm Italia's performance on installing landlines.I see that others have had a pretty dismal experience, but I have been pretty impressed with their work in actually getting the lines in (less so with the actual service provision). I've been involved with getting lines twice over the past 3 years, and both times they have been pretty quick - less than 10 working days, and this in a rural village. That said, I did not know that the installation work was contracted out, as Gromit says, and it may be that the contractors vary from province to province.I am not sure about the speed of service provided, but it seems adequate most of the time. However, when the G8 came to L'aquila earlier this Summer, it just about ceased for the week before, and Telecomm's repair people seem to work to a 2 week turn round time as well.....Very variable experiences, it seems......