Ley Lines - is there an Italian equivalent

08/26/2009 - 02:03

Our property in Italy, the house and land have always been a place of creativity and inspiration. Artists and writers have found that they often perform beyond their accepted level of ability and produced some fantastic work.  Maybe it is the serenity and beauty of the place that allows them to truly relax and  freely express themselves.  However I was listening to a programme on Ley Lines in the UK and there were reports of similar experiences of artists consistently performing beyond their normal ability levels where Ley Lines exist.  So it just got me thinking - is there an Italian equivalent?



My first job on leaving Uni was to work for the Demarco Gallery in Edinburgh.  Ricky Demarco had this theory that the Renaissance had messed up the relationship between art and the people, because subsequently it became increasingly divorced from their lives.By contrast (secondo Ricky), ancient art such as standing stones etc played a central part in people's lives, and therefore artists should travel to those sites around the world to reconnect with the primeval.....So every summer he organised Edinburgh Arts - a trip around Europe to look at ancient sites - megaliths everywhere, nuraghe in Sardinia - you get the idea.I was the administrator for the 1978 trip.  3 months of up to 40 all sorts of artistic types tripping around Europe.  It  was exhausting and hilarious in equal measure.  Fights, affairs, disappearances, reappearances, smuggling people on and off transport (I never knew how many would be on the "Journey" at any one time - so forward booking of tickets etc was impossible), "performance art" in Gozo with astonished locals attending: you get the idea.Anyway, the point is that ley lines featured very heavily in all of this.  Standing stones are often described as being aligned along them.  Never mind tree-hugging, a lot of stone-hugging went on. (and people hugging too - hey, we were young, or divorced, or both!)I haven't a clue as to whether they really exist or not.  But Italy certainly has ancient stones; http://www.stonepages.com/italia/fossa.htmland I'm sure we inadvertently left a couple of people behind  - they're likely to be there still!

 well according to this L'Aquila lies on one... and i know nothing about ley lines...just your question intrigued me... anyway here is the link... cannot be translated because the Italians... well at least those few in the know use the same words...http://forum.premashanti.org/i-luoghi-spirituali-e-di-potere-f6/le-ley-lines-t1317.htm anyway Italy seems to know plenty about these lines too ...  and it seems to me that if you live in Puglia and this L'Aquila one...which seems to be a main one... ie the stonehenge one... then continues down to north africa... might well pass through your back yard... anyway key in ley lines italia into a google search and filter with only italian sites... you get a lot of results for the film "ley lines" but there were several others...although this one seemed to answer your question in a preliminary senseand now i know a bit more about them too... so thanks for that

Yes of course! find all the churches on a map and connect them up and you will be startled how many ley lines will be created, mind you if you connect up all the ferramentas or ice cream shops you will get the same result! Mind you I think I am getting a bit old and cynical (?)

Hi Milky,really interested in what you may uncover with regard to ley lines, I am a firm believer in their potential to open up the heart and spirit to creativity and there is no reason why they aren't here in Italy too. Am busy with house purchase at present, not got time to research, so if you find out more would really love to know what and where.Good hunting!

The man who would know is a friend , who guiltily i have not kept in contact with , called Hamish Miller,a very fascinating man.He has written many books and if i remember one follows the apollo and athena lines across europe and greece to israel.These lines seem to have been kept "secret" however many churches are aligned on them.