American Tourists Charged 42 Euros for 3 Ice Creams in Rome

| Mon, 08/04/2014 - 06:00
Ice cream

Two American tourists in Rome were so outraged when they found out they had been charged 42 euros for three ice creams and a bottle of water that they called the police to report what happened.

James and Marian Luciani, accompanied by a friend, ordered ice-cream last week at Bar Il Caffé near the Trevi Fountain. When they were shown the bill, they dutifully paid, but returned a day later with the Carabinieri.

However, there was nothing the Carabinieri could do as the owner of the gelateria showed them that the prices were indicated on the menu: 13 euros for an ice-cream.

Interviewed by The Local, James Luciani said: "We'd just paid 59 euros for our entire dinner, including a liter of wine, and then were charged 42 euros for gelato! We've been careful in watching out for pickpockets in Rome, but I never thought I would get scammed here."

On the other hand, a manager at the bar justified the price by saying the ice cream they serve is so big it could be had for lunch and, in any case, he said, it was the tourists’ fault as they didn’t read the prices on the menu.  

Most visitors to Rome are aware that prices in the Italian capital are inflated, especially around the most touristy areas, but the bottom line is, always check the menu prices before ordering!

Has anything similar ever happened to you while traveling in Italy? If so, where?