Best Italian Cities For Singles and for Finding Love, According to Facebook

| Fri, 02/21/2014 - 01:30
Piazza del Popolo

In the spirit of San Valentino, the team at Facebook Data Science conducted a research last week - based on anonymized, aggregated data - to determine the best five cities to be single in based on the percentage of single people living there, and the best five cities in terms of largest probability of finding love based on the rate of relationship formations.

The results for Italian cities may surprise you... Here they are:

TOP 5 best cities for singles:

1. Venice (everybody thought this was the most romantic city in the world! Turns out, it’s the best for being single…go figure)

2. Lecce (Apulia)

3. Milan

4. Cosenza (Calabria)

5. Salerno (Campania)

TOP 5 best cities where to find love:

1. Vittoria (Ragusa)

2. Syracuse  (Sicily)

3. Cuneo (Piedmont)

4. San Benedetto del Tronto  (Marche)

5. Civitavecchia (Rome)

Well, I think we all agree it is wise to take this kind of research with the right dose of skepticism, and a bit of a fun attitude!