Capri to DNA Test Dog Waste

Wed, 04/13/2011 - 04:20

The island of Capri is going high-tech to deal with an age-old problem: dog poop.

The mayor of the island, located off the coast of Naples, is determined to rid Capri of the rather distasteful predicament by using DNA testing.

The small island is a large tourist destination and is home to 7,305 people owning 1,000 dogs. Unfortunately, some of the residents seem unwilling to scoop up poop. In order to maintain the pristine setting Capri is famous for, the city is using technology to track down pet owners who befoul the town by leaving piles of scat behind.

The mayor plans to take advantage of a law that requires dogs to undergo a blood test for canine diseases. The city will use the blood to perform DNA tests on puppy excrement and identify the source of the smelly mess.

The fine for failing to pick up after your pet is 2,000 Euro. The mayor hopes the steep penalty will help keep the island clean for visitors and residents alike.

Capri’s Mayor justified his DNA testing for doody by claiming: "In the past there have been unpleasant episodes, like tourists slipping and hurting themselves." Additionally, "there have also been unfortunate cases when the victim didn't get hurt but had to throw away some spoiled clothes."

The tests and fines should keep Capri’s sidewalks from becoming a stinky Slip 'n Slide.