Di Casa in Sicilia: Your (Very Luxurious) Island Home Away From Home

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| Fri, 09/09/2022 - 03:55
Aurispa, with a view of Noto in the background

Inspired by a deep love of their native Sicily, this boutique and totally tailored villa rental service gets you right to the heart of the island’s favorite destinations.  

With millennia of influences from Phoenician, Arabic, Norman and Byzantine invaders, Sicily is an utterly unique destination for your next vacation. Whether you’re searching for a wild and windswept get-away on the Aeolian islands, a whirlwind of culture in the capital Palermo, or a rural get-away in a medieval hilltop village, Italy’s largest island will deliver and delight. Being such a varied and diverse region, however, it’s also a difficult one to get right at times.

Cue Di Casa in Sicilia, a small vacation villa rental company with an impeccable reputation for placing people in their dream holiday home. Under the guidance of born-and-bed Sicilian Nunzio Carianni, the team pride themselves in finding those unique properties which will make this trip unforgettable.

The carefully curated portfolio of villas is divided into four broad categories, offering something for all tastes and budgets. At the top of the spectrum are a handful of outstanding luxury villas, located in Sicily’s most sought-after destinations. There are also villas with pools, ideal for summer breaks when you simply cannot stand to be away from the water, and seafront villas for cooling ocean breezes and panoramic views. Finally, stylish vacation apartments and houses are located in the heart of the action, a perfect choice for all budgets without compromising on the experience.

Take Aurispa for example, a one-of-a-kind luxury apartment in the heart of Noto’s historic center, the capital of Sicilian baroque listed on the UNESCO world heritage list. Big groups love Baya Bella, which sleeps up to twenty guests in utmost comfort. For something ultra-modern, there’s six bedroom Villa Anna, completed in 2022 with panoramic views over Syracuse and a show-stopping chlorine-free swimming pool in the heart of a nature reserve. 

Skip the hotels and stay in a villa

Unlike the pristine hills of Tuscany, the northern Lakes or the sparkling villas of the Italian Riviera in Liguria, the Di Casa in Sicilia team believe that Sicily isn’t a place where you necessarily want to be confined to a luxury hotel. Instead, it’s about seeking out the unique, the idiosyncratic, the unexpected quirks and charms which become the lasting memories of that special vacation.

For their clients, many of the most unforgettable trips here involve finding that unique vacation rental and having a few days of ‘setting up home’ in a new environment – going to the local market and haggling for impossibly fresh seasonal produce, enjoyed by the pool with a chilled glass of Malvasia wine. “We want to offer our guests an atmosphere that’s both exclusive and familiar at the same time, with the feeling of being true locals in the place and getting to be at home in your surroundings.”

When choosing properties to join their carefully selected roster of vacation rentals, Nunzio and his team look for atmosphere and uniqueness as well as merely luxury. “We have a pretty rigorous selection process when it comes to standard and quality,” he admits. “For us and for our guests, the home you stay in is at the very heart of a memorable vacation. Perhaps there’s that one perfect spot to relax on the terrace with a cool drink, or that amazing al fresco garden to enjoy a home cooked dinner under the stars from one of our private chefs.”

On top of this, the villas can be chosen as a strategic base for going out and exploring the rest of Sicily, which offers all sorts of unforgettable experiences. “We have a deep knowledge of our territory, and for this reason we succeed in selecting the perfect property for our clients’ wishes and desires,” Nunzio continues. 

The Di Casa in Sicilia advantage

Di Casa in Sicilia is the only agency to have so many years of experience directly in finding guests their dream vacation villa rental. Guests from across the world return year after year – from northern Europe, the UK and the USA – and home comforts in the properties are kitted out accordingly. 

It doesn’t stop with placing you in the perfect property and location, either. From the moment of booking until your flight touches down in Sicily and all throughout the trip, Di Casa in Sicilia will also hold your hand along the way. Think private transfers, in-the-know restaurant bookings for those impossible-to-find spots, boat hires, tour organizers, babysitters and more. Beyond this, they can source you a private chef for one night or the whole vacation, bringing the flavors of Sicilian gastronomy into your home and providing a totally unique and memorable aspect. The on the ground team are also able to put you in touch with personal shoppers, concierge services and more. 

If this all sounds far too much and you don’t want it, don’t fret: the team of local experts are also experts at knowing when guests just want to be left alone to explore their surroundings for themselves. 

All this know-how and luxury has to come at a pretty high cost though, right? Not necessarily. One of the things Di Casa in Sicilia pride themselves on most is offering an unbeatable quality to price ratio, so that whatever your budget you can be sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck, so to speak. Comprehensive insurance is also included in the cost of the booking – so from baggage to medical expenses, right up to having to fully cancel your trip due to dreaded COVID-related restrictions, they’ve got you covered.

So – whether you’ve got a trip to Sicily firmly earmarked for next summer or are just beginning to peruse, Di Casa in Sicilia might just have the perfect “home away from home” waiting for you, too.

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