Dutch Company Makes Lamps Like Parmesan Cheese

Sat, 08/03/2013 - 06:00
Dutch firm Qucina is selling what it bills as “the world’s cheesiest lamp” in the shape of a Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese wheel. The lamp’s creators are Dutch couple Tom Sprengers and Cyrella Beckers. They were inspired to design the lamps during a culinary tour through Italy. They saw a farmer making cheese and it made a great impression on them. Sprengers says: “After a visit to a parmesan cheese factory in Parma, Italy we became inspired to make a lamp that looks just like a parmesan cheese. Our friends loved it, and that is why we decided to produce our lamp for anyone who likes to have unique lighting in their kitchen or living room. This lamp is made of plastic (so no real cheese) and stainless steel, and is hand made.” The lamp has the same details, size and colour as an original cheese wheel, measuring 43cm (17in) in diameter and approximately 25cm (10in) in height. The lamp comes in various styles. The Parmesan Cheese Lamp DLX costs €275 and has a larger, stainless steel interior. The suspension system and ceiling cap are also made of stainless steel. In the Classic version costing €200, the details are made of white plastic. The Parmesan Cheese Lamp Twins are a pair of lamps priced at €525. For lovers of another great Italian cheese, grana, Qucina has designed the Parmesan Cheese Lamp Grana. It looks like a grana cheese wheel and costs €275. Lamps can be ordered online from the Netherlands via the http://www.parmesancheeselamp.com/ website.