Experience the Colosseum Like an Ancient Roman Citizen

| Wed, 05/25/2022 - 03:00
The Colosseum in Rome at night

Imagine being able to experience the Colosseum in a similar way to how an ancient Roman citizen would have experienced it. 

The new night tour of the Colosseum’s underground passages and arena floor promises to do just that. 

“La luna sul Colosseo” (Moonlight over the Colosseum) experience isn’t new, but for 2022 it offers a new path through the maze of galleries and passages where gladiators got ready for the show, where props were stored and beasts kept in cages before being loaded onto elevators to reach the arena floor for the venationes, bloody hunting scenes.

In the night aura, more conducive to mystery and imagination, you’ll be able to relive the adrenaline-filled atmosphere of the Colosseum’s “backstage,” as organizers prepared the shows and spectators waited eagerly for them to begin. 

The hour-long tour is enhanced by multimedia projections and includes for the first time the multimedia reading of a painting depicting a bird's-eye view of Jerusalem. The painting was placed on the Triumphal Gate, which gladiators and beasts passed through before facing one another on the arena. 

Tours end on the arena floor, where you can see the depth of the underground area, the galleries’ recesses and the impressive succession of the monument’s arches, especially captivating in the evening light. You will be accompanied by a guide who will recount the fascinating stories of the gladiators, and give you information about the history and architecture of the monument.  

The tours are offered in Italian and English. From June to October, the night tours of the Colosseum will be offered Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 8 pm to midnight. Tickets cost €25 per person.

Advance reservation is required on the Coopculture website.