Ferrari To Launch First Full-Electric Car in 2025

| Wed, 06/22/2022 - 09:13
La Ferrari first hybrid Ferrari car

Luxury sports car aficionados may turn up their nose seeing Ferrari and electric in the same sentence. And yet, here goes: the Italian luxury carmaker will launch its first electric-only vehicle in 2025.

The first electric Ferrari “will be a real Ferrari,” the recently appointed CEO Benedetto Vigna made sure to highlight last week in Maranello (Modena), where the Ferrari headquarters are located. “We see electrification as a technology that can enhance the performance of what we do,” Vigna said. 

The electric Ferrari will be designed and built in the brand's historic factory in Maranello, which will be equipped with a new facility devoted specifically to electrification. The car maker would develop its own electric motors, inverters and battery modules and outsource non-core components. The electric model will differentiate itself from other zero-emission sports cars on the market for a series of new technologies developed internally, Ferrari said during the Capital Markets Day event held on June 16 in Maranello.

“Everything we do will always focus on being distinctively Ferrari,” chairman John Elkann said as the company unveiled its long-term strategy. Electrification “will allow us to make even more unique cars.”

According to Ferrari, electric and hybrid models should make up 80% of Ferrari's sales by 2030, as they plan to build 40% full-electric vehicles and 40% hybrid models by that year.

Currently, just four Ferrari models are hybrid cars. The company’s first hybrid model was the limited edition LaFerrari, launched in 2013, “for just 499 clients,” equipped with Formula 1-derived hybrid technology.

The electric Ferrari will adopt specific high-efficiency engines, derived from racing experience and promises to have an exceptional performance in terms of power output.

It remains to be seen if Ferrari’s wealthy fans are ready to let go of that iconic, unmistakable, adrenaline-inducing Ferrari roaring engine sound.