Further Easing of Lockdown Restrictions Begins in Italy June 15

Tue, 06/16/2020 - 05:52
Shopkeeper with mask in Italian deli

June 15 marked a new phase for Italy as lockdown restrictions were further eased. Many business and entertainment activities, such as cinemas and theaters, wellness centers and spas, concerts, children’s summer camps and play areas in public parks, were allowed to reopen according to the latest decree signed by Italy’s prime minister Giuseppe Conte. 

While regions have been given the freedom to decide what to open and what to keep closed, based on each area’s epidemiological level, there are some general safety guidelines to follow everywhere. 

For cinemas, theaters, concerts and public events, the rules are as follows: no more than 200 people allowed for indoor events and shows; up to 1,000 for outdoor events, keeping a distance of one meter, unless people are part of the same family. 

Before accessing these places, people should be taken the temperature and respect the one-meter distance while in line; and owners should keep a register of all people in attendance for at least 14 days. In common areas, the use of masks remain mandatory.

Wellness center also reopened on June 15, but rules there are stricter: a safety distance of two meters between customers must be enforced, and it’s only possible to access saunas by reserving in advance and going in individually or with members of the same family. 

June 15 also marked the reopening of many borders within the European Union, but the situation appears very confused as each state is implementing its own rules and also granting access depending on the country of origin. The European Commission has just launched 'Re-open EU', a web platform containing real-time information on borders, means of transport, travel restrictions, public health and safety measures in European countries so that people can plan their holidays and travel. 

Indoor and outdoor discos remain closed with the government suggesting a July 14 reopening date, although some regions have decided to reopen them starting on June 19. 

From June 15, it is also possible to download the contact-tracing Immuni app, devised to notify people when they have come into contact with someone who turns out positive to coronavirus. 

In the last 24 hours, nine regions in Italy out of 20 have not registered any new case.