Greetings - when does the evening start?

Tue, 04/27/2010 - 10:08
rosanna vaudetti
In this picture: Rosanna Vaudetti, one of the Signorine Buonasera (how Italian TV announcers were called) - source: Sorrisi & Canzoni - Words by Pat Eggleton


We’re sure you all know that buongiorno means good morning or good day.

But when do you say buona giornata?

The difference is that buongiorno is a greeting and buona giornata refers to the quality of the day, so you use it to wish someone a nice day.

And when do you start saying buona sera – good evening?

The answer is after the siesta hours, when work resumes in the afternoon.

Buona serata is used to wish someone a nice evening.

Buon pomeriggio exists but is used less often. It refers to the quality of the afternoon, so you use it to wish someone a nice afternoon.

Buona notte is the last greeting of the evening or night. You use it when you are going to bed or when you know you will not see the person again that evening.

Watch and listen to this funny tv spot, to learn how to pronunce "buonasera":

We wish you all a good evening (or night!) through two songs:
Louis Prima "Buona Sera"


Adriano Celentano "Buonasera Signorina"