Helping to Keep Traditions Alive with Piedmont Delights

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| Mon, 11/30/2020 - 03:08
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Traditions… Many talk about them and many remind us that they must be protected in any way and at any cost. But why? Before embarking on this journey with Piedmont Delights, we too struggled to understand the true meaning of why traditions need to be protected. It is the past history, the teachings that can help us face the future in the best possible way and also some aspects of our daily life. But in practice, what does it mean?

We have understood the intrinsic meaning of tradition and have made it our mission. Tradition is not an abstract concept, as one might imagine. What we have re-discovered through Piedmont Delights is the elderly man who, despite his 80 years of age, still produces artisan cheese in the shelters of the Ossola Valley. It is the rice mills that recovers the historical seeds and continue to produce formidable rice. They are the butchers who produce the typical salami of the area with recipes that are more than 200 years old. Traditions are not concepts, they are people.

View of the mountains, Ossola valley

They are the ones keeping alive the teachings handed down by their predecessors, which in turn pass them on from generation to generation. Since traditions are the basis of what we are today as people and as a culture, without them, we would find ourselves disoriented, without the compass capable of accompanying us throughout life.

Without concrete help, however, traditions risk disappearing. How can we avoid that?

This is our mission: to promote and defend traditions at any cost, both culturally and through the typical products of our land. We do this through Piedmont Delights, born in 2017, which is the first e-commerce dedicated to the typical food and drinks of our region. From cheese and cured meats to wine and beer: our desire is to share the unique flavors, stories, and experiences of authentic regional producers with the most demanding palates.

Tommaso and Nikas, Piedmont Delight's Founders
[Piedmont Delight's Founders] 

A different e-commerce, where we do not limit ourselves to the mere sale of products but to bring local products of centennial tradition to the whole world, through a direct supply chain market, an innovative storytelling and a modern brand.

An example of packing of piedmont delights

With a focus on the foreign market, we select the excellences of the regional tradition and tell the stories of our authentic producers. We promote the Italian spirit, to ensure that the culture of each region is not lost over time but that it maintains an identity that can be preserved in the future.

On our platform, you’ll find all the most famous products of both the Piedmontese and the Italian traditions, such as the Gorgonzola, beautifully made according to the original recipe. Also, we discovered thanks to our producer Guffanti, all the typical cheese made high in the mountains, like the Bettelmatt, which is known to be one of the rarest cheeses in the world, because of its limited production. Cold cuts are one of the most appreciated categories and well-known around the world, for example, the Gorgonzola Salami or the Truffle Salami.

Salami with gorgonzola cheese


One can also get lost in all the sweet specialties we have such as chocolate and cookies. A wonder both for the eyes and the stomach.

Wine-lovers will also be satisfied as we went at great length to get all the most amazing Piedmontese wines, such as Barbera, Barolo, and Barbaresco.

Two workers in the vineyard


Small and capable producers able to create the most magnificent products in the world. That’s why traditions are our business and Piedmont Delights is the place for lovers of authentic taste, quality, and flavors.

The platform now hosts 65 producers of different categories and will reach 70 by the end of 2020. More than 400 products are in our catalog, from traditional cured meats to mountain cheeses, to typical liqueurs. More than 10,000 people are part of our family. In more than 2 years, we have delivered over 60,000 products around the world, bringing our love and tradition to every door.

Gorgonzola cheese platter


We won’t stop there though! Our goal is to apply the same methodology to other Italian regions, promoting local realities and discovering the uniqueness of each territory. By focusing on one Italian region at a time, we are able to create close relationships with producers and design unique promotional strategies.

We strongly believe that the traditions of our country and of our home go beyond space and time. Now you just have to go to Piedmont Delights and discover the food and wine tradition of our land ... You will not be disappointed!

The creators of the initiative and founders of the company are Nikas Bergaglio (CEO) and Tommaso Vassura (COO). A marketing graduate in London, Nikas has an entrepreneurial background with two startups under his belt. Tommaso, on the other hand, specializes in the agri-food sector, confirmed by his previous personal experiences and at the Italian Ministry of Agriculture. 

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