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Recipes From Piedmont


Agnolotti, little bundles of fresh pasta that are filled with anything from a mix of meats to vegetables, are an iconic dish of the Piedmont region of northern Italy.


This baked cake has a surprisingly delicate almond flavor. Enjoy a slice with coffee or tea, or a glass of amaretto liqueur.


Corzetti (also called curzetti and croxetti), an especially uniquely shaped pasta, has been popular since the middle ages and get its name from corzetto, a 14th century Genoa coin.


Pesche ripiene piemontesi is a typical Piedmontese dessert made with peaches and crushed amaretti that you often find on the menus during the summer season. 

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I have just joined this community because we are considering buying a house in Piedmont that we have.

For energy supply and heating, I was wondering about using solar panels and air-source heat pumps.

@reruger asks:

Hi, we (Dutch/Ukrainian couple) are looking for a short term rental place in Piedmont (preferably Biella) to get settled in the first place (residency) and to buy a home later on in Piedmont. Thanks

@francoisgs asks:

Hi anyone based in Piemonte around Nizza Monferrato / Acqui Terme had experience with septic tank cleaning and can recommend a reasonable supplier ? thank you very much,