Large Cruise Ship Collides with Passenger Walkway at Venice Port

| Sun, 04/06/2014 - 21:41

On the same day the Venice Lagoon reopened to large cruise ships following a suspension of the ban, an accident involving the MSC Preziosa occurred at the Venice port.

The ship collided with a passenger walkway – the mobile boarding passageway used by passengers to reach the main deck – making it unusable. No injuries were reported, while the starboard bow of the ship was damaged.   

The accident happened around 8 in the morning of April 5, when the MSC Preziosa was maneuvering to moor at the port for the passengers to disembark and visit Venice for the day. In the afternoon, the ship proceeded to Bari, as scheduled.  

The incident has contributed to exacerbate the debate about large cruise ships passing through the Venice Lagoon, with opponents saying this is just another proof of the danger posed by the large vessels. The ban is suspended until June, when a hearing on the issue is scheduled.