Musical Flash Mobs From Balconies Help Italians Cope with Lockdown

Tue, 03/17/2020 - 06:41
Italy Coronavirus Balcony Flash Mob

Forced to stay at home as the Italian government attempts to halt the coronavirus contamination, Italians are finding alternative ways to feel connected, stronger together and even to show appreciation for the work of doctors and nurses. In the last few days, several ‘flash mobs’ were organized from the balconies of people’s homes. 


On March 13, at 6 pm, people across Italy went out on their balconies to play and sing together the national anthem, the beautiful Inno di Mameli, perhaps rediscovering a sense of community, too often lost in the indifference of modern city’s life. 


On March 14 at noon, Italians went back out on their balconies to applaud and thank doctors and nurses who are working harder than ever to assist patients; they are one of the categories most at risk for the infection. 


And again on March 14, at 6 pm, people took to their balconies to play and sing together a very popular song from the past, Azzurro, by Adriano Celentano.  


And on March 15 at 9 pm, people gathered on their balconies again, using their smartphones' flashlights as candles to feel closer together. 

Italians can currently only leave their homes for reasons of work, health needs, emergencies and food shopping.