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Fri, 08/13/2010 - 09:14

Words by Pat Eggleton

I’ve mentioned my wonderful hairdresser, Raffaele Falco, before. His salon is where I go for coffee and empathy, a gossip or advice and sometimes I have my hair done too! I thought you might like to get to know him better so I interviewed him for Italy Magazine.

Raffaele, how old were you when you decided to become a hairdresser?
Well, I was always artistic at school and I was about fifteen when I decided.

Who or what inspired you?

Where did you learn your trade?
From a master hairdresser here in Modica.

When did you open your salon and why did you call it “Yellow”?
Twenty-four years ago this December. I called it “Yellow” because there was another salon called “Raffaele” in Modica at the time and I had mine decorated in yellow.

It’s more than a salon, isn’t it? It’s a real meeting place.
I hope so. I want my clients to look good and feel good.

Would you agree with the saying that if a woman’s hair isn’t right nothing seems right for her?
Haha! You’ll have to write that down for me as a motto for the salon!

Do women tell you their troubles?
Always. I listen and I help if I can. I can tell if someone is feeling low by their expression, their stance and, of course, the condition of their hair.

Every year we all await Raffaele’s Christmas tree with great anticipation. Where do you get your ideas for decorating your tree?
I don’t look at magazines or anything. The ideas just come to me suddenly.

Why did you decide to serve cakes in the salon on Saturdays?
Oh, it’s just something nice to do for the clients. They all say they’re on a diet but they don’t resist them!

What trends do you foresee in hairdressing for 2011?
I think most styles will still be straight and natural-looking and there will be new, better hypoallergenic colour products.

What is your ambition?
To always remain myself.

How would you sum up your philosophy of hairdressing?
Coherence and elegance.

And your philosophy of life?
My family.

Raffaele, thank you for talking to Italy Magazine.

“Yellow – Parrucchiere Raffaele” is at Via Sacro Cuore 6, 97015, Modica [RG].
Tel: 0932 906879.