Rome Rethinks Cobblestones to Save High Heels

| Thu, 07/21/2011 - 06:18

The mayor of Rome has acknowledged a problem with his fair city: the historic cobblestoned streets are destroying ladies’ high heels.

Mayor Gianni Alemanno has announced plans to begin a makeover on Via del Corso, one of Rome’s central streets. The plan is to smooth the sidewalks and roads to make walking along them less dangerous “especially for women in heels.” This will help make walking on the sidewalk easier and prevent women from ruining their great shoes.

While much of the street will be filled with new cobblestones, some of the high traffic areas used by public transportation will be covered in asphalt.

Mayor Alemanno stressed the importance of maintaining Rome’s history and personality by preserving the cobblestone streets. He explained that the new modern cobblestones would be set and sealed in a base of concrete to prevent irregular depressions.

In addition to Via del Corso, well-heeled ladies will soon be able to stroll down Via del Teatro Marcello, Via Petroselli, and Piazza Bocca della Verità as these areas will be redone later this year.