Runners Prepare for Two Italian Marathons

Tue, 03/15/2011 - 06:39

Runners from all over the world are lacing up their shoes and heading to Italy for two major marathons.

The endurance runners will hit the streets of Rome on 20 March. The race will take the joggers past the city’s most famous landmarks. The Rome Marathon starts at 9 am and takes participants on a path past the Colosseum and Vatican City. Less ambitious runners can opt for a shorter Fun Run along the route.

A week later, runners can head north to Milan for a half marathon. The famous Stramilano race is expected to attract 50,000 participants on 27 March. Racers range in age from children to grandparents and are welcome to go run the race at their own pace. The route starts in Piazza Castello and takes participants in a circular path around the city.

The two races offer an opportunity to take to the streets normally crowded with motorinos and cars, for an on-foot tour of two Italian cities.

Enjoy a video of singer Milly Mignano singing her 1929 song Stramilano for the famous 1960s RAI 1 show Studio Uno. The title of the song was later chosen as the official name of the popular marathon in Milano.