Sanremo 2011 Opening Night

| Wed, 02/16/2011 - 05:59

The Sanremo Music Festival opened last night with introductions by Italian comedians Luca Bizzarri and Paolo Kessisoglu and appearances by showgirls Elisabetta Canalis and Belen Rodriguez.

Luca and Paolo stole the show with their satirical political song. Performing in front of a large picture of political rivals Silvio Berlusconi and Gianfranco Fini, the singing duo went so far as to reference Berlusconi’s upcoming April 6th trial.

The famous song festival is expected to showcase exceptional musical talent as well as an impressive roster of international presenters in the upcoming days. Guests such as American pop-phenomenon Justin Bieber and Avril Lavigne are slated to perform.

Sadly, co-host Elisabetta Canalis was quick to put an end to rumors that her superstar beau George Clooney might make an appearance. However, stories are swirling that Robert De Niro will help close the show on February 19th.

With two singing contestants already eliminated in the first night, the competition at Sanremo 2011 is heating up.