Sheep Revolt When Police Uproot Marijuana Plants Where Flock Grazed

Wed, 10/02/2013 - 07:30

Italian sheep “rebelled” when police swooped on a patch of land where the flock grazed on more than just green grass: the land was also used to cultivate marijuana plants. The sheep’s owner had set up an illegal marijuana plantation on his land in Coppito, L’Aquila. The sheep lived and grazed where he grew his marijuana plants, and became accustomed to munching on them. The Italian media reports that when police from the L’Aquila drug squad descended on the sheep-owner’s land and started to remove the marijuana plants, the sheep became agitated. They followed the police officers carrying the large plants away and attempted to eat them – down to the last leaf. Later, the police released photographs and a video of the operation. The police expressed their surprise that the sheep had become nervous and agitated by the removal of the marijuana plants.