Smoked Tuscan Salad

Insalata Affumicata Toscana

Specially created by internationally renowned Italian chef, Sandra Lotti for authentic Italian beer, Birra Moretti. Owner of Toscana Saporita, the Italian cooking school in Tuscany, Sandra Lotti has worked with Birra Moretti to develop recipes that particularly complement the delicate flavour of Moretti beer and demonstrate how versatile a great tasting beer can be.
Our featured recipe is Insalata Affumicata Toscana – a tasty Tuscan salad made with smoked cheese and a sweet dressing, perfect as a light meal or as an accompaniment to chicken and fish dishes. Although Birra Moretti is particularly well-suited to accompanying Italian cuisine, its light, clean taste means it goes well with many types of food.


(Serves four people)
- 1 bunch raddichio, shredded
- 1 bunch romaine lettuce, shredded
- 1 bunch curly endive (also known as frisee), shredded
- 120 g smoked prosciutto, sliced
- 1 tart green apple
- 100 g smoked cheese (provolone if available) diced


Combine raddichio, romaine lettuce and curly endive with the
prosciutto, apple and cheese. Blend vinaigrette ingredients together and drizzle over the salad. Serve immediately.

Sandra’s tip:

If you are unable to find the different salad leaves separately, they are widely available at most supermarkets in bags
of mixed salad.

Tasting Notes:

The smoky flavours of the cheese and prosciutto in this crunchy salad contrast wonderfully with the delicate flavour of Birra
Moretti. The sourness of the apple adds a great kick to the salad. Accompanied by a Birra Moretti, this dish is ideal for al fresco dining.

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