Sweet Peppers - Summer Food Lover's Event

Tue, 06/17/2008 - 06:21

What market in Italy is complete without the stall absolutely bursting with the colours of sweet peppers in all shapes and sizes. You can roast them, stew them, grill them, stuff them and generally enjoy them in many different ways.

The summer months are a great time to use them in dishes and for these reasons we thought that sweet peppers would be a great theme for our Summer Food Lover's Event.

Here are the guidelines for participation:

1. Story and Recipe: Please sends us a recipe and the story of how that recipe was discovered, invented, modified to your taste. We think the story is almost as important as the recipe itself as it gives us an insight into everyone's relationship with Italian food. Try to keep everything between 600-800 words (although we will not turn down a good story because it is lengthy!).

2. Photos: A picture is not necessary but it is much appreciated. A photo of the finished dish or even just the place the recipe was found greatly enhances the story.

3. Deadline: The deadline submission is 1200GMT on the 19th of July.

4. Story Publication: All stories/recipes will be published on italymag.co.uk. If you have also published the story on your own website/blog we will also link to that.

5. Winner and Prize: We will offer the winner a cash prize of £150 (or the equivalent in whatever currency there is in the winner's country) and publish the story in an issue of ITALY Magazine.

6. Great - where do I send everything?: All submissions should be send to foodlover@italymag.co.uk

Participation in the last event was amazing and the winner will be announced in just a few days.