Volandia: The Museum Celebrating Flight near Malpensa Airport

Thu, 02/27/2014 - 01:00

If you ever get stuck or have some time to kill while waiting for your connecting flight at Malpensa Airport, you may want to check out Volandia – Park and Museum of Flight (Parco e Museo del Volo), located in Case Nuove, Varese, within walking distance of the airport.

The museum features five exhibition areas that delve into the history of flight in all its forms, from pioneer flights in hot-air balloons to the first aircraft in the early 1900s right through to the convertiplane, with a focus on local aeronautics companies of the province of Varese and Lombardy.

The museum includes the Space Pavilion, where you can walk through planets and satellites, watch the International Space Station (ISS) in a 3D room, explore the sky with the planetarium and relive all the missions of the greatest astronauts.

There is also a Simulator Area for real flight simulation.

If you have children, the Park and Museum of Flight has plenty of indoor and outdoor areas for them to have fun and learn interesting tidbits about flight.

As you walk around the park and museum, you will be entertained by the stories told by the volunteers of the “Friends of Volandia Association,” whose members include former workers of aircraft companies and flight aficionados.

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