Rome Orders the Removal of Love Locks

Thu, 12/15/2011 - 05:00

Authorities in Rome have voted to crack down on lovesick couples who express their undying devotion to each other via padlock.

Inspired by a popular Federico Moccia novel, I Need You, couples in Rome have been fixing locks to the city's popular bridge Ponte Milvio. Following the example of the couple depicted in the book, this modern tradition leads lovers to inscribe their names on a lock, afix it to a lampost, and throw away the key.

Now, the Eternal City will use bolt cutters to remove the supposedly dangers locks of love.

Rome officials cited safety concerns as the top reason for removing the padlocks. Gianni Giacomini, the president of the city council, explained that the weight of the locks could cause the bridge rails or light posts to collapse.

Alexander Cozza, one of the representatives who voted to remove the locks, defended his party's decision. "We are not against messages of love", he explained, "but the gesture seems a bit trivial. We want to invite couples to meet more often, speak more, and share real affection".