Tourists in Pisa surprised to find tower straightened, lodge complaints

Sat, 04/01/2006 - 05:07

A nasty surprise greeted thousands of visitors to Pisa's famous leaning tower this morning. The tower was standing straight in the Campo dei Miracoli thus destroying one of the most well known photo moments for the millions of tourist that stop there every year.

The inclination of the tower was crucial in achieving a photo that made it look as if you are supporting it with your very own superhuman strength.

The mayor of Pisa has tried to calm spirits by explaining that experts where working intensively to return the tower to its previous leaning state - he was hopeful that by May 2006 this would be possible. There was no pleasing visitors however, who demanded that their money be returned immediately and that they be transported to Piazza San Marco in Venice where they could at least have their picture taken with dozens of pigeons all over them.

The locals where delighted about this sudden turn of inclination of the tower since they can now finally use the tower just for what it was originaly meant to be, i.e. a bell tower. The bells could now finally be replaced in the tower and their ringing would awake Pisa's faithful to bring them to Mass, just in time for Easter as well!

The fact that all this has taken place on April 1st - famously known as April Fools day has raised several other questions.