In Praise of Beauty, Among the Ruins of Ostia Antica

Sun, 06/01/2014 - 02:00

A very special exhibition that blends sculpture with archeology is now open at Ostia Antica, 30 km from Rome.

“Francesco Messina: In Praise of Beauty” ("Francesco Messina: Elogio della Bellezza") is transforming the entire archaeological area in an open-air sculpture museum where visitors can admire beautiful works by a master of Italian sculpture of the 20th century, Francesco Messina (1900 - 1995).

Messina’s style is inspired by Greco-Roman tradition and its canons of beauty and elegance. Walking the streets of Ostia Antica, an environment steeped in history, visitors can admire figures representing characters from mythology, literature and the Bible, dancers, young athletes and more. All in all, 50 sculptures, starting from Adam and Eve, placed at the entrance of the archaeological site, and then the Decumano Massimo, which marks the beginning of the itinerary, the Young Athlete, Lady Macbeth, the Venus of Brenta, the Great Dancer Sitting, and the portrait of the artist’s wife, Bianca.

The exhibition is on view until November 9, 2014. More information is available here.