Builder looking for work

Natasha and Tony Image
05/23/2010 - 06:10

Hi Everyone, just wanted to say if anyone is looking for a builder for small jobs such as plastering,dividing walls in plaster board, landscaping or excavation work, I am available and have a small excavator ideal for digging out internal floors and landscaping gardens etc, I can travel throughout central Italy and offer reasonable rates! if your interested please get in touch for a free quote! 



There are so many (really LOADS) of builders who come to Italy with a massive amount of skills, but unfortunately, there is just no work for them. There is ...........LOADS of 'work', but this work is normally 'sorted' out by the Italian geometras. Understandable in my view.? DO NOT COME TO ITALY expecting to just get into the building work on day 2 (or day 32 or even day 52/352 etc). MASSIVELY downgrade expectations and then build from there....(pardon the pun!) I know 4 different builders here (all super tradesmen) but all four are struggling to find on-going work. Think carefully............. S