Hi, my siblings and I are having

08/17/2018 - 12:28

Hi, my siblings and I are having problems accessing an Italian Postal bond funds.  My parents took it out years ago and it has matured.  My brother was on holiday in Italy this month and went to the post office to cash it in, but they said they couldn’t as it is only in mum and dad’s name.  They have both died - dad 10 years ago and mum 3 yrs ago.  They said we need to change it over to our names via the Consulate.  I have searched on their website many times and I think we need to register their deaths with Italy before applying for the funds via the consulate.  I’m finding it so confusing and all of the forms are in Italian with no English translation and I am overwhelmed by it all.  Contacting the consulate is not easy, phoning is not an option apparently, so I don’t even have that option.  Would it be better to get an Italian speaking solicitor with knowledge of Italian law to help us?  The nearest ones to Hertfordshire are all in London.  The bond has an estimated value of €40,000.  I would be most grateful for any advice. 


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