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I have been following proceedings for some time so thought I should get around to writing something myself.  Bear with me as a first timer! We have just bought a little place between Bagni di Lucca and Barga (Vitiana) and are very excited to be making a visit in a couple of weeks.  We will be looking to buy basics such as pillows, duvets, cushions etc (although I'm bringing sheets and towells with me) I was wondering does anyone know if Calavorno, Bagni or Fornoli have shops that would sell this type of thing or would we be better off going further afield, if so where?  Also, does anyone know if the antique fair in Lucca is on during the summer months? Would be good to hear from anybody who is also in the same sort of area - any info or tips welcome! Jan


Yes as I was about to post before I was rudely cut off by the server. Jan you can get these type of things in the smaller towns, but I would head up to Galicano where there is a large Le Clerc supermarket and a Stefano (household bargain type shop) where everything you'll need is available. Fornaci di Barga is also another great town close by with tons of shops and a good market. The Lucca Antiques fair runs through out the year (think it's the 3rd Sat & Sun of each month) and there is also a weekly general market around the walls. We have lived in this area for 2 and half years now and love it, hope you will too. Tink..

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Many thanks Tink.  Really good to get useful information - we will certainly follow up when we come over.  Glad to hear you love the area - it'a scary buying somewhere and hoping that it's the right thing to do!  How do you find the weather generally?  Reasonable from say April - October or is that a bit over optimistic?  We came over at the beginning of May this year and had wall to wall rain.  The last few years we've been to Lucca for the same first week of May and it's been sunny and hot - hopefully this year was just a blip. Can't wait to start visiting regularlly and getting to know the area better and meeting people etc - I hope to eventually come over and spend a few weeks at a time, in the meantime I'll keep plugging away at my Italian (in one ear and out the other at the moment!)  Any tips on learning the language gratefully received!! Jan

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Well Jan, as the trend in Global Wetting increases, so it is reflected here. We used to come to this area in May/June for many years prior to moving here and the weather was always glorious; but over the past couple of years it has become wetter (it's chucking it down here now) and the forecast is for more rainier Summers. But (and a big but at that) the weather isn't the only thing you should come here for; the food, the scenery, the people, the Italian way of life, is much more important to us, and also the lack of 'drunken idiots' in the towns and the feeling of being safe and secure is great. Re the language; my wife is Italian so we're not affected that much and I can understand more than I speak; but just jump in every Italian will  love it that you make an effort and will be willing to help you, try putting 'post it' notes on things around the house of what they are in Italian, gives you something to do when it's raining aftere all. Ciao T