Security systems

04/06/2013 - 08:47


I'm wondering if there is a predominant system used in Italy and roughly what sort of cost one might expect.  Also the level of sophistication ... such as cameras shown on i-phone, text alerts and more.   Thanks.

Security Systems around where we live seem to be all Canine, and the more area you have the more and bigger dogs you get....seems to work though not heard of any break ins or burglaries in years.

.... looks like you are the only one with a techie solution and thanks for the reply.  I'm going to test a spin off from heating controls which might save you the €700 annual fee.  Basically its a home automation module that is radio linked to everything like window triggers, movement sensors, cameras, wi-fi, lights etc etc and the whole cost would be about the same but a one off with no annual fees. The beauty is that you can compose your own scripts.  Eg  if outside sensor activates + I am in = flash inside light briefly ( a guest arrival notice)   also if outside sensor activates + I am out = text me and show pictures on i-phone.  Similarly inside sensors can turn on lights and double as alarms to give flashing of all lights and phone calls etc ... basically whatever you can dream up.  I might find it is still a bit nerdy for general consumption but things are moving on.  I would hate to be an alarm system vendor right now as this is a killer app.

Only problem with security firms, down here is... if you cancel the contract you will definitely be broken in to! I must add that  the tri-oso super10 and dry lining has made a big difference to the cosyness of the house, but we have run out of dosh to fit the heating system of our dreams. However our two 9kw  woodburners pretty much heat the whole house.