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Thu, 10/18/2018 - 03:19

Hi Suzi...If you can, try to speak directly with other english speaking property owners you meet in that area.  There's nothing like a referral from a satisfied client in a similar situation as yours.  Hopefully there will be some locals on here who will contribute to this thread.  You're right to look beyond your estate agent's suggestions.  They can get locked into working with one particular individual, although that professional may not be the best fit for all property owners.  As a property management and building company, we encourage new property owners to shop around a bit, whatever the service is that they're looking for.  All the best to you! 

Mon, 10/08/2018 - 05:08

I agree with modicasa.  I would add one thing, though...  Yes, you should see where good work has been completed. But your next step would be to find where good work has been completed for foreign homeowners.  That's the most important bit.  Unfortunately, some Italian builders take advantage of the relative helplessness and naivete of out-of-towners when pricing projects.  Find some foreign homeowners - British, American, Australian - who are happy with the work done to their property as well as the way in which they were treated by the builders, and ask them for a referral.  This is your best bet at finding reliable and competent builders.All the best to you!

Mon, 10/08/2018 - 04:52

Hi Meakin,There is A LOT of information for your to take in here!  I've read through all of the responses and you've got some great detail on how the Italian building and renovations system works.  A couple of really basic things I wanted to add:>Italy does have many complicated and costly laws.  But take a deep breath and realize you will not be able to get it all right from the start. It's a learning curve!>Get someone on your side from the start.  Whether it's the company you're already working with, or someone else, find an on-the-ground experienced partner who can walk you through the process.>Here's a link to the simple guide we send to new or prospective homeowners: (just scroll up a bit when you get to the page :-)   It's a kind of social and reflective approach to getting your feet wet in the world of Italian property.  Some of it applies to you, some a bit less.  Best of luck to you!    

Mon, 10/08/2018 - 04:22

On a proper worksite, covered by all necessary permissions, it would be illegal to have an uninsured, non-registered builder working on the site.  Usually the permissions themselves must already include the name of the registered Italian building company that will be performing the work.  Sorry!  Your expertise will be useful guidance, but no legal hands-on :-/  

Mon, 10/08/2018 - 04:12

Hi there!  You can register your property at the local comune.  You would register as a 'privato' as opposed to a company with a partita IVA.  This makes it an officially registered rental property.  There are also ways of setting up individual contracts for each booking that you could work on with your accountant (commercialista).Hope this helps!  All the best to you:-)