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Does anybody know  if Ryanair publicise the withdrawal of their routes anywhere? It looks as though all the north of England winter flights to Pisa are off and the Liverpool Pisa flight isn't showing for spring next year either.

Fri, 09/18/2009 - 16:57

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Sun, 10/25/2009 - 19:50

SteveThank you for the information, it is very useful and explains what  I was assuming from the bits of information I was picking up. I had worked out it seemed to be  necessary for us to have our boiler  serviced when we last visited in September and I was going to arrange to have it done in November when we planned to visit again. We now cannot get to Italy until the end of December. Therefore we will be well outside  the 12 month period.If they do a spot check we should be ok as no access will be available until we next visit. Is there anything else we should do or is it best to just to try and arrange for the service when we are next in Italy?Brian

Wed, 10/14/2009 - 19:29

I agree with the non-home counties viewpoint. If we went from gatwick, Stanstead, Heathrow or Luton it would cost a fortune just to get to the airport. BA don't cater for anyone outside London and even if you fly BA from a regional airport you have to pay for the priviledge of changing in London. I hadn't realised that was treating  customers as being human.Ryanair, Easyjet and the low cost carriers do provide a service for those of us that don't live inside the M25. I just can't work out why BA are making whacking great losses and the low cost outfits are making a profit........ It's really strange!

Fri, 10/09/2009 - 18:06

Ryanair have published their correspondence with Panorama on their web site. It's worth a read and some of it is quite funny.We use them and if it wasn't for Ryanair it's unlikely we would have an apartment in italy. It would be too expensive by any other means.My only problem with them is that the Liverpool - Pisa flight seems to have been dropped for the winter. If it had been viable for them no doubt it would have been scheduled so we can't expect them to run at a loss; why should we? As long as you play by their rules, they do what they say they will. No doubt we'll have an occasional problem with them but our numerous flights have been punctual, reliable and economic which is more than I can say for my use of BA or other forms of transport ( eg Virgin Trains). It costs far more to travel from Manchester to London by train or air than it costs us to get to Pisa and it is less reliable.It's easy to carp at them but they have a business that seems to be more than surviving. Good luck to them

Sat, 09/26/2009 - 15:19

The Ryanair Birmingham, to Pisa flights seem to be running through the winter ( at least they are on the web site for booking) Leeds Pisa seem to be on for next spring but the Liverpool Pisa flights are not showing up yet. The other Northern alternative is to go via Paris or Munich with one of the scheduled  carriers

Sun, 09/13/2009 - 16:37

Alma Thanks for that. I hadn't looked at flights beyond march but I see that leeds has Leeds-Pisa scheduled but Liverpool doesn't. That's even more disconcerting for us as Liverpool is very convenient. Leeds would be ok but it would be worth considering Jet 2 from manchester for us. It does look as though there are no winter flights scheduled unless we go via Birmingham. Bit of a blow if that stays like that. No hope of Ryanair announcing their plans I assume!

Fri, 09/11/2009 - 17:06

I have just come back and I am wondering what is going to happen. The flight was  almost full and last winter's flights were reasonably busy. I have looked at other Pisa flights and most seemed not to be scheduled. Hopefully there will be some loaded. Could it be to do with the rescheduling of the manchester Ryanair flights they have withdrawn?Liverpool airport say they don't have Ryanair flight confirmations yet. If anyone finds out please let me know.