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07/02/2010 - 09:53

Hi All, Just returned back to Umbria and have left behind all my indian spices behind and now I am getting the curry bug. Can anyone point me in the direction of a indian spice shop ? Many thanks Michael


Michael, I know the yearning for a Ruby. There's a shop in Arezzo that does all this stuff but I haven't been there yet. Apparently if you park near the station and walk up towards town for a block or two you'll find it. Maybe someone else can nail down the exact spot for you.  Also there's an ex-pat foody shop in Rome that probably does spices.

You could buy online.   I did a quick check – these  seem to charge £20 for delivery to Italy   These - charge about £25   In Arezzo, try;- Vivi Market,  Via Crispi, 58/c  - Arezzo Described as - International supermarket with spices and staples for Chinese, Thai, Indian, and Mexican cuisine. Tel/Fax:(0575) 22376 To find it, -  From the station, head across the road and straight up V. Guida Monaco to the huge roundabout, Piazza Guida Monaco. Turn hard right at the roundabout. It starts out as Via Roma and turns into Via F. Crispi. It's about 400-500 metres along.   Hope this helps

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Hi, Many thanks for the replies I tried the phone number and there was only the operator telling me something (I do not speak Italian yet) , we did a Google search and came up with another one in Montevarchi Arrezzo but no answer also. As I cannot wait I have ordered from spices of india where they do have  a very comprehensive range of spices. On a different note we tried an Indian in Perugia old town which was to say the least was bad, very bad. I will keep you all posted when my spices turn and how it turns out. Thanks again. Michael

Hi Michael Just seen your post. I sympathise with your loss! We too love curries and bring back stacks when we drive to the UK. Not sure if this helps but there is a gorgeous cafe in Foligno in the Piazza della Repubblica called La Bottega di Barbanera.  Its an amazing place and for some reason has bags and bags of spices and herbs for sale. I noticed this back in February when we went in for the 1st time and was very surprised.  If you are over that way its worth a visit. Hope this helps Jane

Hi Michael thanks for the warning against the Indian in Perugia. We have noticed it and thought about going there. Like you we love indian and take spices with us to Italy. Actually I take them back and forth as they go 'stale' and have to be thrown out. Also like you we live part of the year in Passignano.

guys found an indian shop selling authentic indian stuff in via roma N 96, pasiano di pordenone tel: 3203129992. its called singh mohinder. was quite skeptic at first but finally i dont have to carry spices to portoguaro anymore!! there is even a sikh temple there . so very happy