Website Resource for Expats regulations?

10/10/2010 - 19:17

My husband and I are researching the rules for residency in Italy.  My hustand has duel citizenship in Germany and US and I (his wife) have US citizenship.  I'd like to knw what is the best website resource to research the latest laws to obtain a residency permit in Italy.  Specifically, we plan to move to Italy and rent for 6 months while we look for and purchase a home.  We plan to live there 5-8 months of the year in total and then return to the US for the rest of the time.  Any suggestions you could provide would be most appreciated!  We are finding some sites but they all seem to be 3-5 years old, so we are not sure what is "official" websites.  How did you get the right visas to move to Italy?  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!  Lucy and Dennis!  Nashville, TN.



Often the most up to date and current sites are the embassy of your country in the one you want to go to, or vice versa. So, in your case I would suggest you try the USA embassy in Rome site, or alternatively the Italian embassy in Washington DC. Good luck

TheItalianLife wrote: "With German citizenship your husband, and you (as his wife) can live in Italy.  i think that is all that there is to it" Not entirely. I am in a similar position, and am still looking for the answer. I am a UK citizen, so I can live here. My wife is Australian, obviously enough therefore not an EU citizen. There is no doubt about the fact that she can live here with me. But there are two buts. 1) How does she get the necessary papers (as many of us know, you need papers to certify breathing in Italy) to work? 2) What happens if I die? Like today? She will then be a non-EU citizen without papers entitling her to stay. We would not want her to have to sell up, and we would not want her under those circumstances to have to negotiate some enormous beaurocratic exercise to get permission to continue living in her own house and home. We are working on this, but I'd be interested in any more knowledgeable input.

Assuming you have residency, I thought that she in effect could piggy back on your residency? Do you jointly own the house? Interesting what-ifs that you have raised.........My wife and I both have residency(ex UK)............but beyond the EU boundaries could indeed be a very large can of worms? S

Hello neighbours, Lucy and Dennis. You have chosen a beautiful spot to live. We know!!! Regarding residency, as it has been said, with a German passport it is relatively easy to obtain residency in Italy, providing you show that you have property and enough money to survive (it is not a large amount). If you are under the age of 65, you must show proof of private health insurance. Over the age of 65, you must have your German Health Insurance entitlements transferred to Italy, which could be a bit of a complication if you do not reside in Germany. Check with the nearest German Consulate. In Lucy's case, you can obtain residency as a wife of EU citizen. We are in a similar situation, I have Spanish nationality and my husband is Australian; however, you are right about the problems that may arise in the event of the early death of the EU citizen. Generally, authorities will be willing to grant permanent residency to the spouse; however, I think it may be easier if Lucy takes up the German nationality as the spouse of a German national. It would not be necessary to relinquish the US citizenship as I believe that the US accepts nowadays dual nationality without problems. My husband is taking up the Spanish nationality to avoid any future paperwork. I would contact both the Italian and German consulates and check with them. I do not think that Council at Bagni di Lucca will be prepared to handle a similar situation. Best luck with your plans!

I can only agree with those who are advisiong you to contact the relevant Consulates.  Gala is right when ahe says local councils in Italy would not be able to handle such a situation.