'Cash Back'

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02/02/2011 - 05:56

Jusd a quick query that someone might know the answer to, do the Supermarkets here do 'Cash Back' similar to the UK. Brianm


I got a bit interested in this thread, and picked up on some stuff from 2007 on an Italian consumer finance site. It appears that in 2007 there were not many supermarkets (but there were some) offering cashback (on CREDIT cards) but by 2008 it had all stopped. Now, whether this was simply because the credit card companies had upped their percentage charges to the retailer, so it was no longer worth their while - maybe - since the crack was that if you were a loyal customer even to a petrol station they'd oblige you just to keep your custom - it was all down to Lehmann brothers and doubts about credit cards. Take your choice - but as has been advised in the earlier posts - the answer is no!

i have seen people in conad/leclerc get extra when using cards in the supermarket...  i think even in lidls too.. not sure if they are credit cards or normal bank cards ...  anyway it seems quite normal here.. as is the use of cards now.. its suprising how quickly its all changed as a few years back Italy was almost all cash..   so maybe its to do with the leclerc side of conad ... and it being non italian..  i would presume also that it might well be more common central north... as usual it seems there is no easy answer to anything in a national sense...  suggest you try your own local supermarkets and see..