Towing a Vehicle in Italy

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12/15/2012 - 12:42

Doe anyone know if it is illegal to tow a vehicle in Italy?Our car has broken down about 45 minutes away from home and we need to get it back. We planned on towing it but a local told us this is illegal and should the Carabinieri stop us they would impound both the towed vehicle and the vehicle doing the towing! Does anyone know if this is true or have any info? I've googled but can't really find anything useful about this.Many thanks in anticipation.



This is covered in the Codice della strada, articles 63 and 165.  You can tow a broken down car with another car on minor roads (not on a motorway or principal extra-urban routes) using a solid (or cable) link. The towed car has to have its hazard lights flashing or otherwise be identified as odd by using the warnng triangle. Both drivers must have licences. The mass of the towed car must be within the limits written in the circulation document (libretto). I'm not certain whether the following statement comes from the CdS, or if it was added to the information I sourced (which was from the police). This insists that the towing car is fitted with a tow hitch (if it is an Italian reg car this will be written into the libretto together with the max towing weight). So you can't just use a length of rope tied to the bumper!