Stairs (space saving, half-half)

02/12/2013 - 00:12

Has anyone had any experience of these, whilst I realise they are not very practical if you live in the house full time, if you only occasionally visit, are they better than a ladder? The difference of these to a ladder is that you can walk down forwards, albeit with a leap of faith.They sell for just less than £500 in the UK, has anyone had a carpenter make a set? Or are there any premade solutions?



Many of the stairs sold in UK seem to come from Italy, so it should be easy to source them. If you can't find any locally, in UK they are supplied in kit form so it should be possible to have them delivered. I am currently about to re-stair my UK home so I looked at them, but not for long as they do look a bit strange. There are other stair kits which work on a similar modular principle but look a bit more normal (Genius 020 from Complete Stair Systems for example). After all my research, I keeled over and have gone for something really quite nice. I'll be having the arm and the leg removed shortly.............