Looking for a heating engineer in Garfagnana

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02/18/2013 - 18:29


I've been reading a lot of the posts on Heating and hot water and having dicovered that i need a qualified engineer to instal and certify a system, i wonder if there is anyone on here who actually works as one in the area. I'll only be using the house initially as a holiday home and i expect to visit at easter, summer, october so i may get away without heating, but i dont want to limit my use of the property by not having heating. I am looking options for hot water at the moment and trying to decide between and gas boiler using the small bottle, a hot water tank with immersion heater, or a air heat source tank like the Ariston Nuos, which i found a link to on another thread.

We used a good heating engineer recently from Camporgiano. He was Stefano, from a company called Idrotermica.  Their telephone and fax no is 0583 611173 or Stefano's mobile is 328 0049389.  I would definitely use them again.

Rendo, I am a registered heating engineer here in Italy, but I work down south so not in your area. I will be only too pleased to go through the options with you if you wish and give any advice as required. If you pm me I will give you my contact details. Rgds, Steve.

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... yet again Badger, looks interesting alternative to an electric heater for DHW in the summer when we don't want the sansa boiler on. Well if the cost is not too much!

Thanks everyone for there comments and sorry for the delay (working away means i only get weekend access) Certainly a few links i can follow up on. Gala Placidia, I'm curious about insulation use in Italy. Its not something i have considered. The house is typical of the area, stone built with tiled roof, the underside of the roof is exposed in the upper floor. The reason i haven't considered insulation was mainly for the summer months, expecting the house to remain cooler without it. Maybe this is something i need to consider. Any thoughts on insulating a roof in these types of property?

Rendo, proper insulation is most important, both in summer and in winter. Insulation is not only for the roof, duble-glazed PVC windows are fabulous. Expensive, yes, but they would save you money in the long run. Study your house and have a close look at those areas that will loose energy due to lack of insulation, drafts and other incidentals. Also Googlr "isolamento termico sottotetto" and you will find plenty of information and names of specialists. Our house dates back to the 17th C, has thick stone walls and a tiled roof and it is located directly over a river. We have managed to make it energy efficient. Our mains gas central heating warms it up in only 20 minutes. OUr energy bills are very reasonable and the house is cool in summer. You can install the best heating system in the world and the most appropriate for your house; however, without proper insulation, you are only wasting energy.

Apologies for the long delay, but here are the Nuos prices: Model price (euro) Nuos 80 778,00 Nuos 100 822,00 Nuos 120 899,00 Nuos EVO 80 854,00 Nuos EVO 110 922,00 Nuos 200 2187,00 Nuos 250 2227,00 Nuos 250 SOL 2305,00 Nuos EVO SPLIT 80 930,00 Nuos EVO SPLIT 110 998,00 Nuos EVO SPLIT 150 1593,00 Nuos EVO SPLIT 200 1669,00 Nuos EVO SPLIT 300 2305,00 VAT, transport and installation are not included. I think in the near future the first 3 models will be not available. 55% tax deduction is possible until 30/06/2013, in case of traditional water heater substitution, for all models except Nuos 80-100-120 (the cheapest). http://www.nuosariston.it//dati/app/pag/it/Catalogo-gamma-Nuos.pdf

You may be able to order it locally. May be worth asking Stephano Lucozzi, as if he does not, he may recommend someone else. With solar PV panels, have seen a few places advertising them, but no idea on cost. Don't forget, that the Nuos is only for domestic hot water and not heating as well.