Ciao Tutti, I've been a member of

10/19/2014 - 13:10

Ciao Tutti, I've been a member of Expats in Italy Forum for several years but it appears they've recently closed shop, so I'm trying to find another Italy Forum where information can be shared.  This Forum looks fantastico!I retired last year and will be moving to Orbetello, Toscana from California in about a year (initially renting an apartment).  Made trips to Italy in '07 and '14 & I've been studying "la lingua" as well as all of the requirements to move to Italy on a Visto Elettiva Residenza.  On my last trip I visited various local government offices (Agenzia Entrate to validate my codice fiscale which I obtained from San Francisco Consulate 5 years ago, Anagrafe, Hospital for Health Insurance questions and Ufficio Postale for PdiS questions).   QUESTION: I will be moving to Italy with 2 cats (in cabin) & I'm familiar with all of the necessary paperwork needed. I'll be flying Jet Blue (SFO to JFK) then Alitalia (JFK to Rome).  My question is: Has anyone recently traveled with their pets in cabin on these (or other) airlines and can share their experience?  My interest and concern is the actual flying experience with your pets. Are the airport personnel very attentive to the paperwork?  Any helpful information about pet relief areas at airports?    Mille grazie for any information you can share.  Buona giornata!



I frequently travel between San Francisco and Europe with Air France, via Paris. They are "pet friendly" and each time I have seen passengers taking cats and small dogs in the cabin. I usually speak to them, because I love animals and they were all happy with their experiences. It is a good airline.

Grazie per la sua informazione!  I'm actually having a friend join me on my flights, so they can handle 1 of my 2 cats.  Fortunately, where I live in Sacramento, I am close to the USDA office so when the time comes my paperwork should go quickly.  Thanks again for the information and enjoy your day.  

Hello Giovanni, welcome to the forum and thanks for the compliment, you definitly have a 'home' here for any of your Italy, travel, life, anything questions. We actually had a wonderful post in our community about traveling with your pets in 2012 and it has all the info you need to know. Of course, each airport varies. hope that helps and travel safe! 

Grazie mille Georgette.   This information is "perfetto"!    I'm now checking out this Forum for useful information.  I'm a bonafide Italophile and am anxious to finally live in Orbetello.  FYI:  Right now I'm helping my twin brother care for our elderly father in Sacramento, California who lives independently and no longer drives.  I'll be first one to move to Italy and once matters with our father are finally"settled", he plans to join me.   Again, thanks so much for the "Pet" help reference and "ci scriviamo nel futuro".  Devo praticare sempre italiano :)Saluti,Giovanni

Hi Giovanni, My name is Gina Mussio. I'm actually writing an article about retiring in Italy with the Visto Elettiva Residenza in the hopes to help others through the process. I was wondering if you'd be willing to answer some questions about your experience moving abroad? My email is -- it shouldn't take too much time!

Giovanni,welcome to the forum and good luck with your move to Italy. There is a wealth of info in the archives of the “old forum” on every subject including pet travel. If you search both forums (old and new) you might get all the info you need. There was a couple from Florida that moved over with ten cats several years ago and they posted some info on their experiences. You might be able to contact them. We live half-time in northern Tuscany (see that you are well south). Originally from Modesto with a number of relatives in Sacto.ciao,Fred

Grazie Fred!  molto are you in Firenze?  My twin brother will eventually be moving to Firenze, once I've been living in Orbetello for a while and I'm sure I'm not returning to the U.S.   Hope you don't mind me asking, but how do I search the "old" forums for informazione?  Buon weekend...Giovanni

I think you can access the old forum archives on the "search" function located in the upper left corner of the main community page. We are situated in a small farming community in the Lunigiana area which is north of Pisa and close to Aulla, La Spezia, etc. We grow wine grapes (also make and drink the wine) on the ruins of an old Malaspina castle. My avatar is a pix of the 11th century bell tower on the upper portion of our land which still peals every half hour.Fred