Mattress Toppers

06/26/2009 - 05:25

Buon GiornoI've picked up some excellent advice and contacts from this site and I'm hoping someone can help again.  My Wife has suffered from a bad back for some time and finds the mattress at our apartment to be too firm (I need a firm mattress for my back).  At home in the uK we have a memory foam mattress topper and this gives her immense relief from back pain and helps her sleep better.  In the UK there are loads of suppliers of these toppers but I'm having difficulty locationg anything in Italy (likelihood is that I'm looking in the wrong places).  Does anyone know of suppliers in or around Umbria or Lazio or alternatively on the internet.  The bed size is matrimoniale, otherwise I'd consider carrying one as had luggage.GrazieM



I had already considered Ikea but their sizes are different from the Italian sizes with the topper being 10cm longer than the mattress.  It may well be that I have to settle for it as I can't find anything anywhere else.  Is this a possible gap in the market, I wonder.

Hi I had the same problem last year whem I moved back to Italy from UK.I bought my mattress to a local shop here in Ancona called Beldormire. It's 1800 pocket spring mattress with memory form topper. It has really changed my life!!!Call them and see what they can do!

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