In Spring 2019, we will be travelling

12/21/2018 - 03:39

In Spring 2019, we will be travelling from the Naples Airport to Amalfi (town), So far, our plans are train from Naples to Salerno, then boat to Amalfi. We'll billet in Naples for a night. All lodging seems to have been squared away.First, how far is the Naples train station from the Naples Airport? What is the most economical way to get there? Second, is it practical/efficient to go the Naples-Salerno-Amalfi direction? I see other posts showing a preference for passing through Sorrento.Third (an unrelated, but important question) : I understand Euro 10,000 is the reporting trigger-point when passing through Italian Customs.  We are travelling as a couple (two people). Does this figure apply individually (Euro 10,000/person) or between us?   



Someone with personal experience of this may come along later, but just in case, I would always check the arrival airport site for queries on “getting to or from the airport”. In this case the site does tell you, but this one here looks more detailed.No idea on your second question….I would have thought no one would dream of carrying €10000 cash or anything like it, let alone in Naples or more than that – use a pre-loaded Euro card, but it is per person.

Hi Chris,

There is a direct bus service. (

Should you choose to go the route on your post, it will be a 'journey'.

Ditto to Steves comments regarding cash.

Also from airport there is shuttle bus that takes goes from airport to port via city center. Its called ALIBUS. Runs regularly to and from airport. There are 3 stops: Airport, Garibaldi Station and the main port, and vicecersa.

If you are going to bring large amounts of cash into the country, I would make 2 suggestions;-

  • Do not bring in 500 Euro notes - they can be incredibly difficult to use - even banks are not keen on them
  • Don't carry the cash in a wallet/puse handbag etc - use a money belt strapped around your waist, under all your clothing

[That's how i did it]

It depends when in Spring.  You can get the alibus from the airport to the station or the port - which is the easiest and cheapest way of doing it.If its late spring/early summer then you can get a hydrofoil from Naples direct to Amalfi, otherwise the easiest way is train to Salerno and work back.  look up metrodelmare and you can see your options.