Cardboard packing boxes

05/25/2011 - 13:08

Has anybody any idea of where to get LARGE packing boxes for moving? I need about 20. Somebody suggested Ikea,but they are half size. Any ideas would be great. Thanks



I have some large and some medium boxes which came from - on the boxes it says they are supplied by The accessstorage website shows a range of box packs to suit the size of your move. The large ones are 457x457x550. Being cardboard, it's likely the size is limited by the strength of the box. Terry 

Have a look under the 'Search' function here on the forum, or look back at posts about a month ago - someone was asking for plastic storage boxes in Italy. I know that is not what you are looking for but I gave a link to who do sell cardboard boxes but not sure whether they will be large enough for your needs. The person looking posted that they had found another site, can't remember the name but it is in his post and they may well sell large cardboard boxes as well.

I sourced some of these - large, medium and book-packing size by simply nipping into a local removal firm and buying them. They were extremely strong boxes, and usefully modular for efficient stacking. I think the biggest ones cost about €2 apiece - the smaller ones less. (They came flat packed, with strong parcel tape 'thrown in', and about 80 of them fitted into a small hatchback.)

Are there such things here as Removal firms, I've never seen any or their Lorries driving around. The Italians just seem to leave everything in the house when they sell it!

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Yes - I do understand where you are coming from! However, in the 'good old days' when the Yellow Pages were inches thick, looking at the  'trasloco' section was utterly bewildering and very amusing for a non Italian-city dweller. They would advertise with a picture of as butch a crane as they could find, and boast that they would translocate 'fino al 15simo piano'. Che? What's with the crane - don't you have a pantechnicon? That word doesn't translate into Italian, it's Greek. But if you are lucky enough to spot a domestic (even better, an office) move into an ancient palazzo in the middle of Florence or wherever, I promise you that the Uffizi will be forgotten - there is a whole day's entertainment just hanging around watching the  slow moving guys carefully loading large laser printers, or grand pianos, onto a platform which will then be hauled up by the crane (generally mounted on a specialised lorry) and offloaded through a sixth (or higher) floor window! It's worth buying a HD movie camera for. But there are also the ubiquitous men with vans - maybe it is relevant that their packing boxes are often printed in English and German...!