House For Sale - Bagni di Lucca

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07/28/2011 - 15:26

Hi,We're selling our house which is in a village about 5km from Bagni di Lucca. It's been lovingly restored, and has exposed beams, cotto floors, etc. It has 2 reception rooms (or 1 plus 3rd bedroom) and kitchen on the ground floor, and 2 bedrooms, bathroom and store room on first floor. There's also a cantina and a terrace with a huge and beautiful view of the village and mountains. Furniture (mostly English antique, but also some Italian) is available subject to negotiation. The kitchen was only fitted last year and has seen little use, and the house has oil central heating plus an open fire (unused by us) in the kitchen. It really is a lovely little house, and would be equally suited to full time living or use as a holiday home. I'm trying to attach a few photos, but so far not having much luck with that today! I have plenty I can email if anyone's interested.Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Thanks for looking!



What village is it in? The reason I ask is cause a friend of ours has been trying to sell his house near Bagni Di Lucca for 2 years now with no luck as he wants to downsize from his 5 bed house but still stay in the area.

Thanks for the replies.  Sorry, I thought in an open forum that 5km from Bagni di Lucca would be sufficient.  The house is in Benabbio.  I think Benabbio does attract a slight premium compared to some other villages within the commune, due to both it's facilities (which have improved even since we've been there) and it's proximity to Bagni di Lucca (we regularly walk to Bagni di Lucca and back, and that's why we chose Benabbio).  The asking price, as recommended by our (non-exclusive) agent, is 165,000 EURO. I'm probably being really dumb, but I can't see where to attach images to the post!  And yet I've done it before....  As I said, dumb...!

I thought that you were not allowed to do private Ads through the the Forum threads but had to take out a classified Ad. Let me know if I'm wrong as we also have our house up for sale.   Many Thanks to all Brianm

Looks a lovely house and I wish you well in selling it but it must have all the whistles and bells plus superb location to realise your asking price. The current Housing Market in rural Italy is the worst now for over 10 years . Good luck.

Thanks for all your lovely comments!  It is a lovely house and, although we're excited about possible new ventures, we will be very sad to sell.  We do appreciate that it's a difficult market at the moment, but who knows how long we'd have to wait for an improvement?