Internet Access near Lake Bolsena

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02/13/2012 - 14:17

Hello....can anyone help? We have been using a TIM laptop dongle for web access for a couple of years. Whilst fairly cheap, it's very slow and erratic. I saw a post from nickandadelaide saying you could speed things up with an aerial, but I wondered if anyone had any other suggestions?Our local supplier in Acquapendente recommends Tooway, but this seems expensive and not necessarily very relaible. Likewise think I'm right that to access the web via Sky?Fastweb you need a landline? (We are miles from any Telecom Italia lines).We sometimes rent the house out in summer, so we also have to be mindful of tenants using a lot of bandwith...Any recommendations/comments welcome.



As no-one else has posted a reply to you yet, tusciafolly, and as a near neighbour of yours when in Italy, (south side of the beautiful Lago di Bolsena) I thought I would post this but am sorry that it is not very helpful as I am not a "techie"!  Yes - I am fairly certain you need a phone line for Sky Fastweb.  We do have a phone line and use Telecom Italia which, though pricey after the initial offer period, has been very reliable to date.  Our neighbour gets his phone and internet through Vodafone and a dongle and seems quite happy with it but I think he uses the landline which was installed when our houses were built a few years ago.  If you look back a page or two you will see a post headed Vodafone and one of the replies from Fillide on 5 Feb is about Vodafone without a landline. Before our village got broadband a year ago some other neighbours were using Eutalia with a "receiver" of some sort on the roof.  We did look into this at a shop in Montefiascone but because of cost decided to go for Tiscali dial-up until broadband came.  Hope you find a solution.

I do enjoy a glass of Aleatico now and then!  Gradoli's best "export"!  However, I do agree with you about Capodimonte and its beach.  Don't know if you have seen photos of the Tuscia region during the snow emergency?  I found them on Tusciaweb in the photo galleries - link below.  It doesn't seem to like Ctrl + click so you may have to paste it into you browser.    

I've been using Italia-wifi, and tho' it may seem more expensive than the dongle option, it is by no means unreliable. I have been really pleased with it and it doesn't have to be so expensive to set up as the guys there seem generous with their discount offers! Worth revisiting the website and at least look at their comparison pages and the wimax option if you don't want to go for a dish!