Allotment tips please

05/20/2012 - 07:53


Sorry - started to type the post and got dragged out by my partner for a walk in Posillipo! So here goes: we have been 'given' a small plot of land by our neighbours to look after and grow veg on. We have little/no knowledge of keeping an allotment and whilst have taken some educated guesses plus advice from the locals would be grateful for any hints or tips on how to keep the wild grass down after planting our veg, and to keep the bugs away etc. Or if you can direct me to a website about 'ortos' in Campania as all info on Italian gardens seems to focus on Tuscany! Thank-you! Jane

Having two threads on the same topic is kinda pointless - pick one -  I'm sure we'll reply to you in that one - rather than both threads.