Alison Burns Concert in Servigliano

07/24/2009 - 10:42

Just a quick info for anyone planning to go to tonight's concert;The start time has been put back to 9;30 p.m. rather than 6;00 p.m. due to the excessive heat etc.Hope this helps;



"Well Goodness Gracious Me"...Sadly due to overheating and old age we won't be there tonight;You're right however about the usual starting times; sometimes even later as Italians eat whatever they eat later when it's hot. The concerts then start with complete disregard for those who don't want to listen (see recent rumpus in San Benedetto Old Town).We'll be at home with Orlixio or Ovaltino after having a Maori Hangi in the back garden washed down with some Chinese Tsingtao beer, followed of course by Belgian Chocs and a glass of Whisky.Then it's off to the land of "Il cenno del capo" under our genuine Lancashire Cotton sheets.Early night, as in the morning we're up at the crack of 10;00 for our everyday full English breakfast.Have to go, it's 20 minutes past afternoon tea time! Bring on the Rich Tea...